This basement conversion is in a 1930's house. The walls and floor have

been covered with Delta MS500 membrane and fixed with Deltas special

fasteners. Tanalised furings have been attached to the walls to provide

a cavity for the installation of insulation and services prior to covering

with plasterboard. In this picture the ceiling has already been covered

ready for finish plastering. The Delta MS500 membrane fitted to the

floor has been covered over with a 'floating' moisture resistant floor board.































The floor and walls have been tanked out with Delta MS500 membrane and

all of the services (gas, water, central heating etc), have been moved up

into the floor joists above.

















































 The original steps in this conversion were in excellent condition and are

now ready to be covered with membrane and sealed to the walls.


































A typical floor covering installation. This membrane, supplied by Delta, has

been laid over a concrete base of which has an internal Delta cavity

drainage and sump system built into it.
























This is a Delta Dual Retro Fit system. It has been used here to collect water

from the internal cavity drains as well as water diverted from the light well

sump. This system can also collect 'grey' water from other sources such as

sinks, washing machines, dish washers and showers.























This sump installation has been neatly finished off with a flush fitted

inspection cover.


































In this commercial application the 1st wall is complete. The same products

are used for both commercial work as well as domestic.






















A new staircase was cast replacing the old uneven steps. It is now ready for

sealing to the wall membrane.






















Here is a new build basement. The ground has been excavated and the new

structure is starting to take form.






















Almost finished. This small conversion is just waiting to be painted before

thecarpets are fitted and the furniture moved in. A light well was created

hereto bring natural daylight into the new room. It also provides a means

of escape to meet building regulations.